12-13 February,2019



Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and rewind the clock to your best hours?

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The music is loud but so are our voices

Star Night

Enjoy live musical guest serving up red-hot rhythms and styles, playing the hits of today and yesterday. It's your night, as you enjoy live music in an incredible space with sweeping panoramas of the twinkling university lights and the celebrity guest.
The star night will bring creativity to your ears with an array of music. Catch that vibe without any hassle created exclusively at Amity University.

EDM Night

Award winning Indian trap and bass DJ / Music producer PARANOX is all set to hit AUMP with its grooviest music. Having played at much yearned festivals like SUNBURN, VH1 Supersonic, and Enchanted Valley Carnival. With a lot of successful recent releases, the DJ has performed live in a lot of prestigious universities. PARANOX is all about enamoring the audience and has hence earned the title of "Man of The Masses".

Gifts And Prizes

This Year's AmiChroma is bigger than ever.
To fuel the participants spirits and to commend and applaud the winners, there are going to be truckloads and truckloads of stunning awards.Every event has singularly breathtaking cash prize which are 10 times the entry fee.Participate and stand a chance to scoop trophies,gifts,medals,and all sort of momentos to remember your staggering performance by!

Highlights of Chroma 2k18

Chroma is Amity University's biggest annual Cultural Festival and has established itself as a legacy where everyone looks forward to coming together be it, competing or enjoying. This Extravagant Fest offered a rich blend of music, art and dance including 55+ events, amazing stage shows 2 EDM nights and a special KTM stunt show. Chroma promises an exuberant garland of  learning and never-ending entertainment.Last year the fest also had 35+ sponsors and prizes worth Rs.2 lakh. Making Amichroma 2018 one of the grandiose cultural affair in the city. Continuing with the tradition of providing an academically and culturally stimulating atmosphere, we hope to build on the grand success of the previous years's Chroma and make this one, more magnificent.

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